Portfolio Betting

The key to successful betting is to have a selection of systems and strategies.

And then combine them in such a way that you maximise the overall profitability.

The spreadsheet upon which Portfolio Betting is based may be found at R9-Portfolio-Special.xlsx

This shows the 7 mini systems based upon Focus Ratings R9 ratings.

These give about 25 races a week and are as follows…

1). 5 Runners or less: 2.36 races a week, 56.97% SR & 58.32% POI
2). 130% + Confidence: 2.77 races a week, 52.20% SR & 67.24% POI
3). Winner LTO: 5.41 races a week, 41.29% SR & 23.17% POI
4). Clear Favs: 5.05 races a week, 41.67% SR & 29.97% POI
5). High FC Prices: 2.75 races a week, 22.90% SR & 56.64% POI
6). Recent Returners: 4.81 races a week, 36.57% SR & 32.75% POI
7). Beaten Favs: 1.70 races a week, 44.02% SR & 72.16% POI

The spreadsheet now shows the actual selections that would have been produced over the last 5 years.

It also shows a chart.

This is a screenshot of that chart.


Please click on the image to see it full size.

The chart shows data working to a 50 point bank; at no point was the bank even remotely threatened.

The average profit is 36.42 points per month (working to a 50 point bank.)

Starting with a 50 point bank (to level stakes), after the 5 years of the data set, the bank has risen to 2112 points.

Portfolio Betting members receive an email containing the daily selections at about 8:30am every morning.

The Selections and Results are also available on this site.

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