This system concentrates on top rated horses which is the clear favourite based upon my forecast price.

In those races where the top rated horse is a co-favourite or a joint favourite there can be no selection.

From the 5 years of data there have been 7100 races where the top rated horse was a clear favourite.

Whilst these are only slightly unprofitable profitable for all the top rated horse there is substantial bias towards some race types.

So I looked at those race types which were more profitable than others.

The data for this system is shown in the systems spreadsheet which may be found at R9-Portfolio-Special.xlsx

The tab named 4). Clear Favs shows all the races (over the 5 year period) shows the top rated horses for every qualifying race (i.e. where the top rated horse won its last race.)

The tab named 4). Race Type shows all the race types and their statistics. If you scroll down you will see a refined set of data – these are the blindly profitable race types for this system.

As you can see, these refined race types gave us 1242 selections over the 5 year data sample. This equates to 5.05 races per week.

From these races there were 517 winners.

This equates to a strike rate of 41.63% and a POI (Profit on Investment) of 29.73% to BSP (assuming a 2% commission.)

The tab named 4). Selections show the actual selections over the 5 year period.

As you can see, the win columns shows plenty of green (for a win bet) – I like plenty of green.

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Horse Racing Betting System Results


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