analysisThis page is here to explain the philosophy and strategy behind Portfolio Betting..

But first, I’ll explain what Focus Ratings R9 Ratings are and how they are created.

Let’s start with the ratings…

I have two primary ratings agencies.

The first is Focus Ratings and the second is Advance Ratings.

They both produce ratings but, in totally different ways.

Focus Ratings is based upon a self-learning algorithm that gets more accurate every year.

Advance Ratings is a purely form based system.

Focus Ratings R9 Ratings are ratings for those races where I can rate every horse in the race and where Focus Ratings and Advance Ratings both agree on which horse is top rated, which horse is second rated, which horse is third rated and so forth…

If you have two totally different ratings agencies agreeing on every horse in a race you can be pretty sure that that race is well rated and the ratings will be accurate.

It’s a bit like Jeremy Clarkson agreeing with James May and Richard Hammond on what is the best hot hatchback.

It never happens but, if it did, you’d know that that was a pretty good car.

How do I intend to use these ratings?

The key to successful betting is to have a selection of systems and strategies.

And then combine them in such a way that you maximise the overall profitability.

I have analysed 5 years of data for the performance of the top rated horse in Focus Ratings R9 rated races.

The spreadsheet upon which Portfolio Betting is based may be found at R9-Portfolio-Special.xlsx

This shows the 7 mini systems based upon Focus Ratings R9 ratings.

These give about 25 races a week and are as follows…

1). 5 Runners or less: 2.36 races a week, 56.97% SR & 58.32% POI
2). 130% + Confidence: 2.77 races a week, 52.20% SR & 67.24% POI
3). Winner LTO: 5.41 races a week, 41.29% SR & 23.17% POI
4). Clear Favs: 5.05 races a week, 41.67% SR & 29.97% POI
5). High FC Prices: 2.75 races a week, 22.90% SR & 56.64% POI
6). Recent Returners: 4.81 races a week, 36.57% SR & 32.75% POI
7). Beaten Favs: 1.70 races a week, 44.02% SR & 72.16% POI

The spreadsheet now shows the actual selections that would have been produced over the last 5 years.

It also shows a chart.

This is a screenshot of that chart.


Please click on the image to see it full size.

The chart shows data working to a 50 point bank; at no point was the bank even remotely threatened.

The average profit is 36.42 points per month (working to a 50 point bank.)

Starting with a 50 point bank (to level stakes), after the 5 years of the data set, the bank has risen to 2112 points.

Portfolio Betting members receive an email containing the daily selections at about 8:30am every morning.

The Selections and Results are also available on this site.

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