An Explanation…

As you know, Portfolio Betting uses a portfolio of 7 systems, all based on Focus Ratings R9 Ratings (the best ratings that I have ever produced.)

However, to get the selections you either have to subscribe to Focus Ratings and work them out for yourself or…

Subscribe to Portfolio Betting and get the selections emailed to you every day.

So, I was thinking, the other day, and asked myself the question… “How would these strategies work if they were based upon different ratings?”

For example, HorseRaceBase provides ratings; there are plenty of other cheap ratings services out there and, there’s always the free Racing Post Ratings (RPR).

So, in the spirit of giving something back I decided to test 5 of Portfolio Betting‘s systems using Racing Post Ratings.

In the Spirit of Giving Back…

The following are the 6 systems that can be used with Racing Post Ratings (or, potentially other ratings services) that I am prepared to share with you today.

1). 5 Runners or less
2). Winner Last Time Out
3). Last Run Less than or Equal to 7 days
4). Beaten Favourite
5). Clear Favs
6). High Price Heroes

Below shows the statistics for the 6 strategies combined…

Over a period of time we should get 30 races per week with an overall strike rate of 46% and a POI (to ISP) of 34%

Historically the strategy has returned 550 points a year.

Because of the high strike rate this strategy can safely be used with a 30 point bank.

Not bad for a free strategy (portfolio of strategies.)


There is a free eBook outlining the rules.

You can download it here… The Punter’s Bible – Free eBook

You won’t be asked for your email address and, as this is a totally free gesture, you certainly won’t be asked for credit card details.

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