What are the Systems that Portfolio Betting uses?

The Systems…

The following are the 7 systems (using Focus Ratings R9 Ratings) that Portfolio Betting currently uses.

As time goes on and more systems are added, the performance of all systems will be reviewed and the lesser performing systems will be swapped out.

However, the Reward/Risk balance will be maintained.

1). 5 Runners or Less

The logic for this system is that, the fewer the runners in a race, the higher the probability of the top rated horse winning the race.

From the 5 years of data there have been 1070 races where there were 5 runners or less.

Whilst these are blindly profitable for the top rated horse, we only make 41 points profit.

So I look at those race types which were more profitable than others.

What are the Ratings that Portfolio Betting uses?

analysisThis page is here to explain the philosophy and strategy behind Portfolio Betting..

But first, I’ll explain what Focus Ratings R9 Ratings are and how they are created.

Let’s start with the ratings…

I have two primary ratings agencies.

The first is Focus Ratings and the second is Advance Ratings.

They both produce ratings but, in totally different ways.

Focus Ratings is based upon a self-learning algorithm that gets more accurate every year.

Advance Ratings is a purely form based system.

Focus Ratings R9 Ratings are ratings for those races where I can rate every horse in the race and where Focus Ratings and Advance Ratings both agree on which horse is top rated, which horse is second rated, which horse is third rated and so forth…

If you have two totally different ratings agencies agreeing on every horse in a race you can be pretty sure that that race is well rated and the ratings will be accurate.

It’s a bit like Jeremy Clarkson agreeing with James May and Richard Hammond on what is the best hot hatchback.

It never happens but, if it did, you’d know that that was a pretty good car.

What is Portfolio Betting?

It might seem that having a portfolio of betting strategies might seem to be a perfect answer to minimising risk but…

Are there inherent risks involved within a Portfolio Betting Strategy?

You might think that it was a sensible, grown up (and maybe a bit boring) road to riches?

But I have to tell you, there can be risks to splitting your betting funds across a number of systems.

Having said that, it’s almost certainly the right thing to do…

As long as it’s done properly?

So, I’ll start off by telling you a cautionary tale before moving on to explain how, in my humble opinion, you ought to set up a portfolio of systems to ensure long term profitability.

A Cautionary Tale…

In October of 2011 I launched a website called www.PrecisionBetting.com

It’s still going strong now.